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Date : July 31, 2017
Abduction units monitor NK defectors in China
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Following a recent report that the Ministry of State Security has dispatched agents to the Chinese border regions in order to kidnap North Korean defectors hiding in China, Daily NK has acquired additional information on the hotel in which these MSS agents are staying. 

Kim Jong Un ordered internal security organizations last year to “catch the anti-republic’ (North Korea) elements using any means possible. Following this, the Ministry of State Security (MSS), General Bureau of Reconnaissance (RGB), and the Ministry of People's Security (MPS) have reportedly been arresting North Korean defectors hiding in the Chinese border areas through the dispatch of abduction teams.

Reports suggest that the MSS agents are staying at a certain hotel in Dandong to monitor the movements of North Korean defectors and plan abduction missions. Daily NK has recently learned that these MSS agents are frequently staying at the Life's Business Express Hotel in Dandong.

"It has been confirmed that MSS agents, as well as many North Korean traders and company CEOs, have frequently visited the hotel. The MSS agents appear to be staying at the hotel for business, but are instead collecting information on the locations of North Korean defectors and are launching operations to arrest them," a source familiar with North Korean affairs in China told Daily NK.

The Dandong Foreign Affairs Office (affiliated with China’s Foreign Ministry) is also located in the Life's Business Express Hotel. Nevertheless, the abduction teams dispatched by the North Korean authorities are openly using the hotel to launch operations.

[Source: Daily NK]

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