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Date : April 12, 2023
NK crackdown forces closure of businesses in Sinuiju
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N. Korean crackdown forces closure of businesses in Sinuiju

North Korea is conducting nationwide inspections on the cleanliness and general operations of restaurants, bathhouses, and other businesses to verify how well businesses are complying with the Law of the DPRK on Public Catering, which was enacted last December. In Sinuiju, authorities have gone beyond simple administrative penalties and handed out severe punishments, including confiscation of property. Inspections focus not only on sanitation but also financial management and transparency of operations. The inspections are also an attempt to stop smuggling and prevent people from illegally accumulating private property, particularly in Sinuiju, which is located on the border with China, an environment ripe for security agents to turn a blind eye to smugglers or take part in smuggling themselves.

[Source: Daily NK]

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