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Date : April 12, 2023
North Korea is installing security cameras
   https://www.rfa.org/english/news/korea/cctv-04112023140229.html [300]
To curb theft and skip days at factories, North Korea is installing security cameras

As North Korea's economy worsens, factory workers are stealing more parts, tools and other items to sell elsewhere to make ends meet. Others are bribing their bosses to skip work so they can make more money doing other side jobs. To curb the rising theft and monitor worker attendance, authorities are installing security cameras in factories and other workplaces, which were previously used only in high-priority areas such as government buildings and busy intersections in Pyongyang. The cameras will reveal who shows up for work and who steals factory materials. Stealing from factories is widespread in North Korea, and the perpetrators are usually punished only with public criticism. But if the scale of the theft is large, those responsible can be punished as criminals under the law.

[Source: RFA]

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