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Date : April 12, 2023
‘Secret rooms’ in NK restaurants to conduct illicit affairs
   https://www.rfa.org/english/news/korea/secret-room-04102023101620.html [222]
‘Secret rooms’ in North Korean restaurants create a space to conduct illicit affairs

Restaurants and karaoke bars in North Korea are reportedly offering "secret rooms" for illicit romantic or business affairs, providing privacy for extra payment, which brings in additional cash for the establishments. The term "8.3 couples" used for the secret or adulterous couples originates from a government directive from August 1984 that encouraged factories to earn extra money by reusing waste materials. Such private rooms have existed before but were mostly shut down in past crackdowns to stamp out "anti-socialist" behavior. However, they are now re-emerging, likely due to the economic hardships caused by the pandemic. These rooms come at a price, reflected in the more expensive menu items, with the clientele mostly being rich North Korean men.

[Source: RFA]

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