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Date : April 18, 2022
Disabled soldiers suffer the most
   https://www.rfa.org/english/news/korea/soldiers-04122022155920.html [569]
Disabled soldiers suffer the most with North Korea’s economy struggles 

North Korean soldiers injured during service are considered as “honorable soldiers”, and are classified as grade 1-3, or special grade depending on the severity of their injuries. Therefore, these soldiers are supposed to get a lifetime support from the government.

However, due to state’s economy struggles, the nation’s benefits have been reduced letting disabled soldiers face a miserable situation with a 500 grams or less daily supply of corn. As meat and cooking oils are rarely provided. 

North Korean authorities state that disabled soldiers are the treasure of the nation, and they should be taken care of. However, there’s no actual support. 

[Source: RFA]

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