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Date : March 23, 2022
Crackdowns on wealthy business people
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N. Korea ratchets up crackdowns on wealthy business people

North Korea authorities continue to bust rich donju (North Korea’s wealthy entrepreneurial class) and security agents in regions along the country’s border with China. People speculate that the authorities have launched efforts to get control of public sentiment and to tighten internal controls.

A Daily NK source said an inspection team that arrived in Sinuiju from Pyongyang last month has been cracking down hard on people with money. The inspectors are dragging up illegal activities committed as far back as 10 years in the past. Powerful people in the provincial branch of the Ministry of State Security are nervous, too, while cadres rumored to have a bit of money are coming under investigation as well.

North Korea has been conducting sweeping inspections and crackdowns this year to eradicate “anti-socialist and non-socialist” thought. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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