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Date : January 5, 2022
Graffiti insulting Kim discovered in Pyongyang.
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Graffiti insulting Kim Jong Un discovered in Pyongyang

On December 22, a graffiti directly insulting Kim Jong Un, was discovered on the outside of an apartment in Pyongyang’s Pyongchon District.

This incident was taken more seriously as it appeared around the 10th anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il, the Birthday of his mother, and the party’s plenary meeting.
Therefore, Agents were mobilized to close off the scene and erase the graffiti after the incident was reported to the local security officer, district branch of the Ministry of State Security, ministry’s city branch and ministry’s national branch.

The ministry’s Pyongchon District has been analyzing workers and students’ handwriting and investigating their whereabouts that day to find the culprit.

[Source: Daily NK]

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