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Date : December 1, 2011
Open Radio NK Director Ha Tae-keung speaks with Korea Times
   http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2011/11/116_99858.html [1513]

Ha Tae-keung recently spoke with the Korea Times about his work as an NK rights activist. Ha has recently been focusing his attention on preparing South Korea for eventual reunification.
“Nowadays, what’s happening in North Korea is very strange to South Koreans. People are only thinking about themselves as their lives become harder and government policy is not truly promoting awareness of what’s happening in the North,” Ha was quoted as saying.
Ha also said that he believes a lot of officials and businessmen have recently been privately saying they no longer respect the “Dear Leader’ anymore, and that later, when Kim Jong-Il dies, there “absolutely” could be change.
However, Ha also criticized recent South Korean administrations for dropping the ball on the North Korean human rights issues. Primarily, Ha has been upset with the wavering of the current administration in allowing broadcasts into North Korea on better AM frequencies. Ha believes the administration has been held back by their fear of reprisals from North Korea, which has threatened retaliation against information campaigns in the past.
Source: Korea Times

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